7 Weirdest Jobs Across The World You Should Know

7 Weirdest Jobs Across The World You Should Know By Anshika Verma 30 Oct 2023 10:34 Am Jagranjosh.Com

Professional Sleeper A ‘Professional Sleeper’ Was Employed By A Hotel In Finland To Evaluate How Comfortable The Beds Were. They Sleeps On A New Bed And Reviews It.

Professional Mourner Professional Mourners Are Hired To Wail And Grieve Loudly Throughout The Funeral Because It Is Customary In South East Asia.

Pet Food Taster It Is The Responsibility Of The Pet Food Tester To Sample New Food Items For Pets Such As Biscuits Canned Meat And Bones.

Drying Paint Watcher In This A Person Paints The Cardboard Sheets To See How Long New Paint Mixes Take To Dry And To See If The Color And Texture Changes.

Full-Time Netflix Viewer Netflix Employs Someone To Watch All Of Its Content Before It Made Public. This Person'S Job Is To Review And Tag Every Program Appropriately.

Snake Milker Not An Easy One. A Snake Milker'S Job Is To Gather Toxic Snake Venom And Store It In Jars For Use In Anti-Venom And Other Medications.

Scuba Diving Pizza Delivery Man There Is An Underwater Hotel In Florida They Have A Scuba Diving Pizza Delivery Guy Who Brings Them Pizza By Transporting It Over The Water.

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